Molly Scott, International athlete and Jordan Tallon, Shamrock Rovers, both from Hacketstown, gave a candidate interview to the lovehacketstown campaign about their time in lockdown and how their training is going.

They are both encouraging local children to keep active by offering great advice and challenges to take part in. Children are invited to send in video clips of them practicing “Jordan Drill” or doing the “Scott Challenge” in exchange for being in with a chance of winning a free personalised training session with Jordan and Molly.

Jordan Tallon

“Since restrictions have been put in place I’ve tried to keep everything as normal as possible by keeping my usual routine. I think a solid routine is the key to keeping yourself occupied.

Every night I write up a daily schedule for the next day so I can have everything planned ahead. I set an alarm early, have a good breakfast and study for my exams. I am in my first year of an Honours Degree in Sports Rehabilitation & Athletic Therapy in IT Carlow”, comments Jordan.

“When taking a break from study I either go to my home gym or I work on the soccer specific workouts supplied to me by Shamrock Rovers. I train for two hours four times a week. I’ve also used this time as valuable time to eat clean Whole Foods for 6 weeks as my main goal during lockdown.

My advice is to keep everything as normal as possible by doing what you would usually do or if you can’ take up a challenge or hobby. I have taken up yoga to help me loosen up for my soccer when it returns.”

Molly Scott

I am coping quite well with lockdown. I’ve been training and doing college work most days. I go for walks in the evening and spend my nights watching Netflix.

All my major competitions have been cancelled for the year however I am still extremely motivated. My training hasn’t changed too much apart from not having a track to train on. My Mam has been my coach for years and I have trained alone since I was 12 so not much has changed in that regard. I’ve been using the hill near my house over the past couple of months, so it’s business as usual.

With the postponement of the Olympics, I have more of a chance of qualifying with an extra year of training and getting stronger. Lately I’ve been learning to hurdle and sprint on grass again. It’s been difficult but I am getting use to it. I feel like I’m back training for the community games in Ardattin which is nice.

In the last couple of weeks I have found a new work ethic. When normal life resumes, I will never go back to the way I trained before.  I’ve had so much more time to work on areas that I would have overlooked due to being so busy.

Of course, it hasn’t all been perfect. I’ve had bad days where I just felt fed up and tired of being stuck at home. An important message I heard was that, it’s a pandemic not a productivity contest. It’s ok to do nothing, it’s ok to eat junk fund, it’s ok if your sleeping pattern is off.

However, one thing I have learned is you don’t have to feel good to get moving. When you start moving, then you’ll feel good. Any exercise will do.

My walk in the evening is definitely one of the highlights of my day.  I am very grateful for where I live and that I got to grow up here in Hacketstown. I’m appreciating spending this time at home. Often, I’m constantly traveling, especially in the summer and I don’t get to spend much time at home. When I get home from competitions, I always appreciate the quietness of where we live and how peaceful the area is.

To all the kids out there, remember to stay moving. Cycling, walking, running, skipping and playing games, it doesn’t matter what it is as long as you are staying active. If you are missing your sport, work on speed, skills and coordination. Let your parents help, they’ve been around a lot longer than you. They might know a thing or two. Enjoy your time at home and remember that no matter where your from, or who you are, you have a chance to brilliant at anything that you put your mind to.

Carlow Nationalist – June 2020