A FRISSON of excitement flew through the village of Hacketstown when a bright-red postbox appeared on Main Street, as if by magic!

The boys and girls of Hacketstown have been researching and planning their Christmas toy lists for weeks now and with just over a month to go to the big day, it’s time for those important missives to get on their way to the main man himself.

A source close to The Nationalist said it was vitally important that the children post their letters very soon so that the elves have time to sort everything out in their workshops.

Rumours have been circulating that Santa and the elves are extra busy this year because the children in Hacketstown, Co Carlow, Ireland, Europe and, indeed, the world have been so good this year, especially coping with the pandemic restrictions!

Hacketstown community group are delighted with the shiny, red postbox and would like to thank SuperValu for the sponsorship as well as the post office and photographer Matt Browne for their assistance.

Word on the street is that the postbox is already really busy and that carefully-worded letters are now whizzing their way up to Santa and the lads in the workshop!

Santa’s post box appears in Hacketstown